My name is Heather Avalon.  I’m from New York City – the city that never sleeps.  Now I live in Key West, another beautiful place legendary for its tolerance of extremes.

That’s a good thing, because I’m pretty extreme.  I knew I wanted to be a writer when I was twelve years old.  I began writing a romance story and showed it to a friend, who felt my story was a bit too racy for her tastes.  Discouraged, I put away my pen, and tried to focus on other things.

A young man wearing sunglassesAs I became a teenager, I discovered romance for real.  I didn’t need to imagine it any more, as I had when I began writing about it.  Now, I was all about experiencing it.

Even then, I felt compelled to venture into territories that were taboo.  I couldn’t understand how feelings so sweet and powerful could be bad.  They sure didn’t feel bad.

When I was in my early twenties I read a novel that changed my life.  It introduced me to Paganism, and to sex magick.   Sex magick particularly intrigued me.  I was fascinated with the idea that not only is sex – all kinds of sex – healthy, it’s a sacred source of spiritual power.  Somehow, I had always known this.

Now I write fiction that I hope will be as enjoyable and transformative as the fiction that first set me on my path. 

In my stories, as in my life, I cross a lot of boundaries, and break a lot of taboos.  My characters like to explore their limits and push their boundaries as much as I do. 

Romance stories get classified as female/female, interracial, ménage, BDSM and such.  Mine are hard to classify.  I weave all these themes, and more, into my stories.

Consider the characters from my first novel, Cover art for "Her Secret Incantations" a book by Heather AvalonHer Secret Incantations, from Pink Petal Books.

There’s Cambria – a stripper by night and world-famous magickal herbalist by day.  Cambria is a powerful psychic, but she has refused to peer into her crystal ball since she saw the death of her husband within it.

Laura is British.  Years ago she worked the stage with Cambria.  On and off stage, the two girls shared a powerful hunger for each other. Now Laura is an Altar Priestess for the Council, an ancient magickal order whose influences reach all corners of the world.  Laura serves the Council by performing sex magick with Xander, her Altar Priest, but has always carried a torch for Cambria.

Xander is bold and impetuous.  He’s wealthy, and used to getting his own way.  His actions, after the death of Cambria’s husband, had caused Cambria to leave the Council, vowing never to return.  Now the Council faces a dangerous enemy, and Xander knows he needs Cambria’s skill and power.

When Laura convinces Cambria to return to the Council, she is unprepared for the strength of feelings still between her and her old friend.  When Cambria is reunited with Xander, everyone is surprised as the bitter anger between the two transforms into passionate love.

New to the Council is Jordan, a young Jamaican drummer whose psychic skills rival Cambria’s.  When Laura meets Jordan, she discovers her ability to love men as easily as she loves women.

The bonds that develop between these four people are complicated.  As in all relationships, there is jealousy, fear and insecurity.  More complicated still is the fact that they face a dangerous magickal enemy.

As Cambria, Laura, Xander and Jordan learn the power of the love and passion they share together, they find courage to face their enemy, and to envision a future together unfettered by the rules of a society that can’t understand the love they share.

In this story, the characters cross a number of boundaries in their search for love. 

If you are ready to discover the power of love without boundaries, check out Her Secret Incantations on Pink Petal Books.  The sequel, Goddess of the Night, will be available soon.

Also currently on Pink Petal Books is my short story, Isis Rising.  Isis Rising is the story of Hannah and Mark, two young people united in love but divided by religion.

I’ve made the decision to keep my stories ultra-spicy for two reasons.  The first reason is simply that I like spicy stories. I like to write them, and I like to read them.

The second is that I truly believe in the power and magick of love and sex.  When we deny ourselves sexual exploration, we deny our own growth, and our own humanity.

So come explore the power of love with me – without boundaries.

A couple in the sunset.